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Israel, UAE ink ‘groundbreaking’ free trade deal, in 1st with Arab state

Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a comprehensive, “groundbreaking” free trade agreement on Tuesday in a bid to boost economic ties between the two countries, as trade hit about $2.5 billion in the less than two years since the US-brokered Abraham Accords were inked, according to recent estimates.

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NanoLock Secures Industrial Machines from disasterous Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks on utilities and industrial infrastructure are on the rise. There was Colonial Pipeline, where an American oil pipeline system carrying gasoline and jet fuel suffered a ransomware attack that affected computerized equipment managing it, and JBS, where the world’s largest meat processing company paid the equivalent of $11 million in ransom to put an end to a major cyber attack.

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Michael Eisenberg’s article on Innovation and “Implementation”

In “Implementation Nation”, Michael Eisenberg addresses the oft-neglected aspect of implementation as it relates to innovative technology. He believes that Israel’s success in this arena should be adopted as a guiding framework and identity, and developed further.

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Coming Soon! BuiltUp Ventures’ New Dubai Office

Thanks to UAE Regional Director, Rami Navarro’s success in developing strong Emirati partnerships, BuiltUp Ventures will (G-d willing) soon be opening a Dubai office. The office will help us gain traction in the Emirates to provide innovative Israeli construction technology and collaborate with our Gulf partners on future projects. We anticipate BuiltUp Ventures’ continued growth in Dubai, under Rami’s leadership:

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Proptech Festival-BUV Gains UAE Traction

BuiltUp Ventures’ UAE Regional Director, Rami Navarro, and COO, Brian (Zev) Steinberger attended the recent Ventures Connect Construction Technology Festival in Dubai. During the event, they spoke with prominent industry leaders about our Israeli portfolio companies’ disruptive Proptech solutions. This year’s festival featured 150+ speakers, 25+ sponsors, and 500+ attendees from across the industry.

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TLV Contech & Proptech 2020

We are proud to announce that we are the partners at  TLV Contech & Proptech 2020 Virtual conference & exhibition
on Nov 24-25 – the first Israeli Proptech online conference in collaboration with the Israeli Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.



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London Chelsea Limited Partners With Solidblock To Digitally Raise Financing For London Digital Bond

For the first time in history,  a single-family property fund will be financed through blockchain-based securities. UK investment company London Chelsea Limited is partnering with SolidBlock, a digital securities issuance and trading platform, to raise financing for London Digital Bond, a new fund that invests in prime residential real estate.

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Pamela Liebman to Keynote Virtual Event on Global Real Estate and Israeli Innovation

Corcoran President and CEO Pamela Liebman keynoted PropTech Nation, a virtual event on global real estate and Israeli innovation. Sponsored by BuiltUp Ventures in collaboration with PwC, The Quest Organization, Israel Export Institute and Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, the live online event highlighted how Israeli PropTech is helping to rebuild the real estate sector in a new COVID-19 reality.

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While remote investing has long been popular with Millennials, Covid-19 is leading other generations to embrace this method as well. In fact, with the epidemic changing how we live and work, perhaps permanently, online platforms could become the preferred option for a majority of investors.

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The Israeli Proptech Revolution Has Arrived

There are currently over 6,400 startup companies operating in Israel, and more are launching every day. With only around 9 million inhabitants in total, the country has justly earned the moniker of the “Startup Nation.”

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How Israel, the “Startup Nation,” has the potential to disrupt the PropTech industry

Israel has long been referred to as the Startup Nation. In fact, Tel Aviv boasts one startup for every 1,400 people, more per capita than anywhere outside Silicon Valley, according to a report by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

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BuiltUp Ventures Presents Promising Israeli Startups At MIPIM PropTech NYC

The Tel Aviv- and New York-based venture capital firm selected eight innovative companies to exhibit at the event, which will unite key real estate decision-makers and technology companies.

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Israeli investors place bets in real estate tech sector

Israel is well-known as an incubator for advanced technologies and amazing scientific breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medicine and cybersecurity.

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NY-Israeli VC Firm Presents Eight Startups at NYC Property-Technology Show

Over fifty companies exhibited at the November 2019 MIPIM PropTech show in New York City, offering innovative technology solutions for owners and managers of real estate properties.

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The Builtup Ventures Investment Fund will focus on investments in a variety of real estate technologies

The BuiltUp Ventures investment fund will focus on investments in a variety of real estate technologies, connecting startup entrepreneurs to New York’s Jewish Orthodox community, which has extensive experience in the real estate industry.

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New Fund to Invest in Kosher Real Estate Startups

BuiltUp Ventures aims to raise $50 million to invest in real estate technology startups that operate according to Jewish religious laws

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