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BuiltUp Ventures, the number one Seed Investment fund reserved for the most promising Israeli PropTech startups

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About Us

BuiltUp Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in innovative early stage Israeli real-estate tech startups. Our unique approach lends itself to a new 360 degree business model. investing in proptech startups that complete every stage of the CRE and proptech puzzle.

360 degree






Seed Investment Expertise

Providing decades of early-stage technology investment, company building expertise, and real estate experience.

IP Registration Expertise

Close partnership with Israel’s largest Patent Law firm, Reinhold Cohn

Go-to-Market Expertise

Drawing from our portfolio's success our US Go-to-Market strategy is tried and tested.

Integrations and POCs

Portfolio synergy empowers us to quickly create Proof of Concept integrations to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

Real Estate Expertise

Partnering with Sidre, LLC we are positioned to support growing technology and leverage real estate opportunities.

Dedicated Business Development Team and Go to market expertise

BuiltUp goes beyond investment, as with a strong foothold in the US, we have our finger on the pulse and our feet on the ground.

Our vast resources in the area of Go-to-Market strategy combined with a strong US-Based Business Development team provides our partners with the professional services needed to accelerate value for our portfolio companies as well as our investors.

Partners and integrations

This empowers us with the unique ability to harness the power of relationships and drive synergies via integration, professional services, business development, and strategic alliances via our vast resources.

In this way, we position our portfolio companies for Round A investment, negating their need for additional seed funding.

IP Expertise

Partnering with IP expert Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co, a leading IP firm in Israel. BuiltUp Ventures provides unparalleled value to both entrepreneurs and the investment community.

Seed Investment Expertise

With our sister company, BSeed’s success in the seed to round A funding arena, BuiltUp Ventures enjoys unfettered access to top talent in the StartUp Nation’s ecosystem at the university, accelerator and incubator levels, providing a pool of startup talent, translating that into a unique deal flow paradigm.

Show Value to Investors
and Minimize Risk

Portfolio Companies


Augmented Reality solutions for Real Estate

Founders -
Ran Keren and Yuval Gloz



Real Estate asset tokenization platform

Founders -
Yuval Wirzberger & Yael Tamar


My Tower

An intelligent property management platform

Founders -
Pini Shemesh & Amit Giladi



One stop shop for global investments using digital asset -backed securities on blockchain

Founders -
Sharon Grinberg & Ramy Yarden



Command & Control solution for the construction industry

Founders -
Omri Sorek & Ofer Simon



Digitizing Construction Purchasing

Founders -
Or Lakritz & Arik Davidi



OKIBO is developing smart, autonomous robots, designed for construction sites.

Founders - Guy German and Nadav Shuruk


Oded Eliashiv

Managing Partner


Eli Gross

Managing Partner


Amos Meron

Amos Meron

Managing Partner


In the news

Oded Eliashiv Of ‘BuiltUp Ventures: “You might fail many times before you succeed”

Our platform combines proprietary technology with years of experience, company building skills, and in-depth market knowledge. This helps us identify the most promising tech companies and guide them along an accelerated path of growth, while enabling investors to access these opportunities. It creates a place where investors and startups can come together.

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The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now: Oded Eliashiv Of ‘BuiltUp Ventures’ On How Their Technological Innovations Will Shake Up The Tech Scene.

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TLV Contech & Proptech 2020

We are proud to announce that we are the partners at  TLV Contech & Proptech 2020 Virtual conference & exhibition
on Nov 24-25 – the first Israeli Proptech online conference in collaboration with the Israeli Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.



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