BuiltUp Ventures

Investment Funding for Innovative Israeli Property Technology

Specializing in early-stage, innovative Israeli property technology companies.

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About Us

BuiltUp Ventures is a seed investment fund specializing in early-stage, Israeli Proptech. Our 360-degree business model addresses all stages of Corporate Real Estate (CRE). With extensive experience in real estate and a large professional network, we provide access to investment opportunities in innovative Israeli property technology.







Seed Investment Expertise

Our staff has years of experience in early-stage technology investments, company-building, and real estate.

IP Registration Expertise

We are partnered with Israel’s largest patent law firm, Reinhold Cohn.

Go-to-Market Expertise

With a history of portfolio company successes, our U.S. go-to-market strategy is tried and tested.

Integrations and POCs

Portfolio synergy enables us to quickly create Proof of Concept integrations to deliver complete solutions for our customers.

Real Estate Expertise

Partnering with Sidre, LLC we support growing technology, and leverage real estate opportunities.

Dedicated Business Development Team & Go to Market Expertise

BuiltUp Ventures goes beyond investing in Proptech. Using our vast resources in go-to-market strategy and a strong U.S.-based business development team, we accelerate our portfolio companies’ value.

Partners and Integrations

Our business relationships foster partnerships, integrations, business development initiatives, and strategic alliances. Additionally, these integral connections can improve the position of our portfolio companies for acquiring Round A investments, and may remove the need for additional seed funding.

IP Expertise

Our partnership with leading Israeli IP firm Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co., provides value to our portfolio companies.

Seed Investment Expertise

Our team and network have years of experience in seed to Round A funding. Apart from this, BuiltUp Ventures has access to top innovative players in Israeli hi-tech.

Show Value to Investors
and Minimize Risk

Portfolio Companies


3DCOM's online SAS platform produces 3D models from architectural plans.

Founder -
Ron Cohen, Avi Cohen, & Sagi Hirsh


Augmented Reality solutions for Real Estate

Founders -
Ran Keren and Yuval Gloz


Command & Control solution for the construction industry

Founders -
Omri Sorek & Ofer Simon


Digitizing Construction Purchasing

Founders -
Or Lakritz & Arik Davidi


OKIBO is developing smart, autonomous robots, designed for construction sites.

Founders -
Guy German and Nadav Shuruk


Fully-autonomous water leak detector

Founders -
Uri Sokolov, Yaniv Frydman

Affiliated Investments



Real Estate asset tokenization platform

Founders -
Yuval Wirzberger & Yael Tamar


My Tower

An intelligent property management platform

Founders -
Pini Shemesh & Amit Giladi


Airways offers Artificial Intelligence based, dynamic, unmanned traffic management

Founders -
Idan Shimon, Amnon Demri, Or Epstein


Airways offers Artificial Intelligence based, dynamic, unmanned traffic management

Founders -
Eyal Zor, Yair Yosef, Shai Kurianski


Eliezer Gross is the Founder and CEO.

Eliezer Gross

Chairman, Investment Committee Member


Ilan Cohn

Partner, Head of IP, Investment Committee Member


Brian (Zev) Steinberger

Managing Director, Investment Committee Member


In the news

Israel, UAE ink ‘groundbreaking’ free trade deal, in 1st with Arab state

Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a comprehensive, “groundbreaking” free trade agreement on Tuesday in a bid to boost economic ties between the two countries, as trade hit about $2.5 billion in the less than two years since the US-brokered Abraham Accords were inked, according to recent estimates.

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NanoLock Secures Industrial Machines from disasterous Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks on utilities and industrial infrastructure are on the rise. There was Colonial Pipeline, where an American oil pipeline system carrying gasoline and jet fuel suffered a ransomware attack that affected computerized equipment managing it, and JBS, where the world’s largest meat processing company paid the equivalent of $11 million in ransom to put an end to a major cyber attack.

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Michael Eisenberg’s article on Innovation and “Implementation”

In “Implementation Nation”, Michael Eisenberg addresses the oft-neglected aspect of implementation as it relates to innovative technology. He believes that Israel’s success in this arena should be adopted as a guiding framework and identity, and developed further.

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